Younique Jewelry

Thick Marcasite Bracelet Sterling Silver Jewelry

  • Beautiful Marcasite sterling silver bracelet.
  • Beautiful Marcasite sterling silver bracelet.


  • Marcasite sterling silver bracelet.
  • Approximately 7" long and 1.5" wide. 
  • Snap clasp to secure bracelet. 
  • Beautiful design detail. 

In Marcasite jewellery, Pyrite used as a gemstone is termed "Marcasite". That is, Marcasite jewellery is made from pyrite not from Marcasite. In the late medieval and early modern eras the word "Marcasite" meant both pyrite and Marcasite (and iron sulfides in general). The narrower, modern scientific definition for Marcasite as orthorhombic iron sulfide dates from 1845. The jewellery sense for the word pre-dates this 1845 scientific redefinition.

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