Marco Almera

Marco Almera

Check out Marco Almera's subculture style art from Southern California

Marco Almera's artistic career emerged from the Southern California surf, skate and rock‘n’roll subculture of the late 80's. As a Southern California native, the artist was inspired by the do-it-yourself style of this subculture, and began by creating his own t-shirts and stylized graphics. As his underground art style developed, it continued to reflect this dynamic world of surfing, skateboarding, rock music, pinup girls, hot rods, iconography and the timeless coastal lifestyle. Studying fine art at UC Santa Cruz provided Almera the background of many different fine art mediums, the foundation from which he has been able to expand his craft.

Almera has spent his career working independently, creating t-shirt designs, album covers, rock music posters, ads, commercial graphics and commissioned paintings. The artist's hand-printed serigraphs can be found in art galleries, music stores and poster shops around the world. Over the years, he has enjoyed much success with his art and serigraphs in Japan, Germany, England, The Netherlands and all over the United States.

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