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Named from the French word for lemon, “citron,” as many Citrines produce a juicy lemon color, though they may also be found in a range of pale yellow, to golden brown, and even a lovely burnt amber.  This coloration variation is due to the presence of iron.

Although it seems that Citrine was not as popular in ancient cultures as many other gemstones, it has been told of in history and lore for over 6,000 years.  It was used extensively during the first and second centuries in Greece as well as Rome.  It was used as a talisman against evil though, overindulgences, treachery, scandal and libel.  Due to is lovely color it is recognized as a stone of  happiness, joy, sunshine, light and life.  Citrine is the yellow/golden/smoky brown variety of Quartz. Its depth of its color is due to the presence and level of iron.  Citrine is formed in primarily the same manner as Amethyst, being a close sibling, and is found in pegmatites or formed hydrothermally is clefts or druses.  It has been told that yellow Amethyst, as well as Smoky Quartz, have been used as a base and then heat treated to artificially create Citrine, although the color is not quite as lovely as when Mother Nature does the heating.

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