Butterfly & Myths

Stelenes Butterfly Wing Sterling Silver Large Dangle Earrings

  • Front side of butterfly earrings.
  • Measurement of butterfly earrings.
  • Backside of butterfly earrings


  • Stelenes butterfly wing sterling silver large dangle earrings. 
  • Double sided with different colors of the wings on each side. 
  • These earrings measure approximately 2" inches long.  
  • Siproeta stelenes (malachite) is a Neotropical brush-footed butterfly (family Nymphalidae). The malachite has large wings that are black and brilliant green.
  • Malachite butterflies symbolize powerful transformation, good fortune and future prosperity for those who innovate and change.
  • Each pieces use special tools to manipulate the delicate butterfly wings into jewelry, trapping them in resin and setting them in sterling silver to create a long-lasting and waterproof piece.
  • All butterflies are protected and they work in harmony and preserve them in a sustainable way.
  • Made in Peru. 
  • Habitat:  Peruvian Amazon
  • MYT003
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