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Banded Yellow Onyx and Citrine Pendant Sterling Silver Handmade in the USA

  • Banded Yellow Onyx  and Citrine Pendant Sterling Silver Handmade in the USA
  • Measure banded Yellow Onyx  and Citrine Pendant Sterling Silver Handmade in the USA


  • Handcrafted banded yellow Onyx with faceted Citrine .925 sterling silver pendant.
  • Handmade by us, our jewelry line Younique Jewelry.
  • Open back pendant.
  • Onyx size is approximately 70mm X 25mm.
  • Citrine size is 10mm round.

PLEASE NOTE:  Please enjoy our handcrafted work. The piece may have slight imperfections and subtleties that make each piece unique and a great addition to your collection.

Onyx is part of the Agate family, and although most commonly found in black or white colors, it can also be grey, blue, brown, yellow and red. Onyx is known as the Stone of Strength - mentally and emotionally; giving support to the wearer during difficult or trying times. It is said to have the ability to hold on to the energies and memories of the wearer, making it excellent for psychometric work, but it can also be used to access past life memories; enabling us to recognize hurts from a previous incarnation, therefore allowing us to see the negative patterns which we may have brought through into this life which need to be released and so healed. It also balances the masculine and feminine parts of our nature, and can bring strength where fear is present.

Citrine (see also Quartz properties) Citrine is a joyful, dynamic stone, often referred to as the Stone of Success - whether in business, family, financial, legal or spiritual matters. However, it is an often overlooked crystal because of its ready availability, but it is an extremely useful and versatile stone, which should form the mainstay of any crystal healing collection. It is one of only a few crystals on the planet which never need cleansing; instead absorbing and transmuting any negativity it comes in contact with. It can help you maintain focus and is also known as the Merchant’s Stone, attracting abundance and promoting prosperity to any business. As one of the best Solar Plexus chakra crystals, it can be used for any imbalance indicated in this area (aggressive & dominating personalities or weak-willed with low self-esteem, etc.) It is a powerful cleansing and revitalizing stone and is also excellent where lethargy and fatigue are indicated.

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