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One of a Kind Red Garnet Ring Sterling Silver Faceted Stone

  • Garnet sterling silver ring.
  • Garnet sterling silver ring.
$69.00 - $89.00


  • Red Garnet faceted oval sterling silver ring.
  • Sizes can be adjusted, silver band does not connect around finger.
  • Stone approximately 14mm x 10mm.
  • Made with .925 solid sterling silver.
  • Made in India.
  • Designed by us our jewelry division Younique Jewelry.
  • Any unusual color that may be in some of the photos are only reflections or shadows. Color may vary from computer screens, phones or tablets. 

Almandine Garnets (the most commonly found red specimens in jewellery) are linked with the Base or Root and Sacral chakras. The keywords with this crystal are stability, good health, trust, friendship, personal power and passion. An often overlooked crystal, due to its ready availability, these lovely stones promote friendship, balance and devotion. They can assist in developing a deep and enduring spiritual bond with partners, and where friendship is lacking can attract people to you. Wearing a piece also provides a constant monitoring/balancing energy between the physical and etheric bodies, and can also assist with Kundalini rising.

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