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Large Faceted Smoky Topaz Pendant Sterling Silver

  • Faceted Smoky Topaz sterling silver pendant, made in Bali.
  • Faceted Smoky Topaz sterling silver pendant with ruler.
  • Backside of Smoky Topaz sterling silver pendant.


  • Faceted Smoky Topaz sterling silver .925 pendant.
  • Approximate size 2.38" X 1.75".
  • Approximately 31.7 grams.
  • Open backside. 
  • Handmade in Indonesia.
  • One of a kind piece.
  • Beautiful, detailed craftsmanship.
  • YOU154


Mystical / Healing Properties:
A stone that is associated with spiritual growth, transformation and healing, accentuated with a gentle quality, allowing the wearer to transform at a comfortable pace. Considered a stone of purity, it calms the mind, helps lift depression, and assists with overcoming addictions and obsessive behavior.
Also useful in eliminating jealousy, fear, anger and burnout, and making smooth transitions in life by enhancing pure emotions such as patience, open-mindedness and perseverance. Smokey Quartz also acts as a powerful filter for negative emotions of all types
Valued in the treatment of infertility and menstrual cramps, this healing stone strengthens adrenal glands, aids in protein assimilation, ailments related to the kidneys, abdomen, pancreas, and is also used in the treatment of S.T.D.s.


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