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Green and Brown Amber Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Green and brown Amber pendant.
  • Size of green and brown Amber pendant.

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  • Genuine green and brown Amber pendant.
  • Sterling silver .925.
  • Size approximately 1.75" x .75".
  • Made in Poland
  • Any unusual color that may be in some of the photos are only reflections or shadows.
  • AMB004


Amber Details

Amber is the color of liquid sunshine...yellow for the midday sun, and orange, for the fiery sunsets. It was one of the first stones or substances to be used by very early humans in Asia, Africa and Europe for amulets and decoration.
The two main sources of amber on the market today are the Baltic states and the Dominican Republic. Amber from the Baltic states is older, and therefore preferred on the market, but amber from the Dominican Republic is more likely to have insect inclusions. Prices of amber can range from $20 to $40,000 or more.

In general the sunny energy is used to transmute negative energy, to cheer you up and help open you up to your divine blueprint.  Some say Amber brings good luck!

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