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Wire-Wrapped Sterling Silver Green Moldavite Pendant

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  • Green Moldavite wire-wrapped sterling silver pendant.
  • Size of green Moldavite wire-wrapped sterling silver pendant.


  • Genuine Moldavite wire-wrapped sterling silver pendant. 
  • The pendant measures 1.5". 
  • Bezeled in sterling silver. 
  • Moldavite's rare occurrence and intense green color make it highly valuable and collectible.  
  • Each Moldavite is unique and selected by hand from a stock of natural untreated rough. 
  • NOTE:  Any unusual color that may be in some of the photos are only reflections or shadows.
  • PRT187

Moldavite - is a tektite, and a stone of intense frequency and high vibration.  Moldavite is a greenish or olive-green tektite, which is a type of natural glass formed from terrestrial impacts. It is believed to have originated from a meteorite impact in what is now the Czech Republic around 15 million years ago.  These natural green crystals are powerful and known as "The Stone of Transformation" or "The Holy Grail Stone".   When it crashed on the earth it was like an atomic explosion and created by the heat that went back into the sky and all these amazing stones were created and fell from the sky.  The crystals were found close to the area where the impact occurred.  No one truly knows but some scientists believe it to be of extra-terrestrial origin, this cannot be confirmed.  Genuine moldavite is rare and highly valued among collectors and enthusiasts. Its unique origin and purported metaphysical properties contribute to its desirability.

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