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Ocean Blue Teardrop Larimar Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Teardrop shape blue Larimar pendant.
  • Backside and size of pendant.


  • Beautiful teardrop shape Larimar .925 sterling silver pendant.
  • Pale soft blue color of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Open back bezel.
  • Pendant size is approximately 1" x 3/4" .
  • SANC002

Mystical Properties:
Larimar's powers are believed to lie in the ability to help us view events from a different perspective than what we have already formed. It softens, enlightens, and heals in a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual fashion.  As a gentle, soft, sky blue Caribbean healer, it brings the tranquility of the sea and air to the heart and mind. It soothes and uplifts hurt, fear, depression, the pain of life, change, and trauma in an amazing way.  Larimar will help with self-expression, patience, acceptance, simplicity, artwork, and creativity, in one's life.

Healing Properties:
Larimar is said to cool and draw out inflammation from the body, to reduce fevers and the heat of a sunburn. It is especially helpful in generating creativity, pleasantly uplifting the heart, and easing stress.  Larimar represents peace and clarity, it radiates healing and love energy, and is recommended for those who are stressed.

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