FrostBuddy Thicc Buddy 40oz Insulated Mug - Red White & Blooms

  • FrostBuddy 40oz Universal Buddy Insulated Mug - Red, White and Blooms
  • FrostBuddy - Cup Holder Friendly
  • FrostBuddy - Sip or Straw
  • FrostBuddy - Carrying Made Easy
  • FrostBuddy - Comes With
  • FrostBuddy - Dimensions


The FrostBuddy Thicc Buddy is the best part of every mug combined!   Great to use as a travel mug or a drink insulator for your favorite to-go cup beverage.

  • FrostBuddy 40oz Thicc Mug.
  • Color:  Red, White, and Blooms.
  • Double walled stainless steel.
  • Cup holder friendly.
  • 2-in1 sip / straw spill-proof lid.
  • Handle with built in lip balm holder and key ring.
  • Ice for 24+ hours / Hot for 8+ hours.
  • Hot 6+ hours.
  • Non-slip base.
  • 40oz fits all12oz, 16oz and 30oz to go cups.
  • Comes with 40oz body, rubber piece, spill proof lid and straw.
  • See listing photo for dimensions.
  • FRO015-THIC40-RWB





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