Large Faceted Purple Amethyst Ring Sterling Silver

  • Large Amethyst cocktail ring.
  • Large Amethyst cocktail ring.


  • Large purple faceted Amethyst sterling silver ring.
  • Made with .925 solid sterling silver.
  • Made in India.
  • 16.3 grams.
  • Any unusual color that may be in some of the photos are only reflections or shadows. Color may vary from computer screens, phones or tablets. 

Amethyst: Amethyst enhances the function of the Brow or Third Eye Chakra; protective and powerful with a high vibration. It has been used throughout the ages for its protective properties; to protect from fear, guard against bad dreams, to absorb and dispel negativity, and is favored by healers for its ability to focus energy. Once prized by royalty, nobility and ancient energy workers alike, nowadays, because of its ready availability it is often overlooked in favor of some of the more exotic or rarer stones. Try sitting with a piece for a while and reconnect to its endless possible uses!
The word Amethyst comes from the Greek, meaning ‘not drunken’ and was once believed to ward against the effects of alcohol. The color found in these stones is unparalleled and although always purple, it comes in a vast array of shades, from pale lilac (like Vera Cruz Amethyst) to very deep, almost black (Guerrero Amethyst). It gets it color from the manganese content mixed with the ‘Mother tincture’ when it was forming millions of years ago.

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